STAAD.Pro Physical Modeler Help

Keyboard Shortcuts

Action Shortcut
Undo an action. <Ctrl+Z>
Redo an action <Ctrl+Y>
Cancel an action <Esc>
Copy a selected element (Opens the Copy dialog and then click OK to paste) <Ctrl+C>
Delete a selected element. <Del>
Quit the program. <Alt+F4>
Rotate model up or down in the view window. Up or Down arrow keys
Rotate model left or right in the view window. Left or Right arrow keys
Spin mode left or right in the view window. <Ctrl+Left> or <Ctrl+Right> arrow keys
Show axes window. <Ctrl+Shift+A>
Show Grid <Ctrl+Shift+G>
Display member numbers. <Ctrl+Shift+M>
Display dimensions. <Shift+D>
Display node numbers <Shift+N>
Display the local axis <Shift+O>
Display surface element numbers. <Ctrl+Shift+P>
Display member/element releases. <Shift+R>
Display End Offsets <Shift+E>
Display Axial Behavior <Shift+B>
Display the support node labels. <Shift+S>
Display load values. <Shift+V>
Display the floor load distribution. <Shift+Y>
Increase or decrease the view window label size <Ctrl+> mouse scroll wheel