STAAD.Pro Physical Modeler Help

To rotate the model selection

To rotate or make a rotated copy of the selected portion of the model about an arbitrary axis, use the following procedure.

  1. Select any portion of the model.
  2. On the Model ribbon tab, select the Rotate tool in the Edit group.

    The Rotate Model dialog opens.
    Tip: You can continue to manipulate the view window while this dialog is open.
  3. Type a Rotation angle value.
  4. Select the Action for the rotation:

    Move will rotate the selection to a new position


    Copy will create a copy of the selection

  5. In the Rotation action drop-down list, select if the selection will be copied or moved.
  6. For the two points necessary to identify the rotation axis:

    click Select to manually click nodes or grid intersections as points


    type coordinates of arbitrary points used to define the rotation axis

  7. (Optional) Click Preview to display a preview of the operation using the current parameters.
  8. Click OK.