STAAD.Pro Physical Modeler Help

Selections and Assigning Properties

In STAAD.Pro Physical Modeler, the general order of operations is that you first select physical objects and then assign properties or perform some operation on the selection.

This differs from STAAD.Pro, where there are many tasks in which you select the operation, property, or specification first and then assign that to some list of model objects.

Comparison of Order of Operations

In this example, the operation of assigning profile sections to a selected set of beams is compared.

STAAD.Pro Physical Modeler Analytical STAAD.Pro Modeling User Interface
1. Select the members which all have the same section. 1. Add the profile you want to use from the Section Database.
2. Select the Section tool in the Assign properties group on the Member ribbon tab. 2. Select the member property in the Properties dialog.
3. Select the profile to use and click OK. 3. Use the cursor to click on members with this property.
Note: STAAD.Pro offers some additional methods for assigning properties, but this represents the most common order based on the required order of the input file.