STAAD.Pro Physical Modeler Help

Spreadsheet Pop-up Menu

The following commands are available on the right-click pop-up menu in spreadsheets.

Note: These controls may also be found on the Data ribbon tab, in the Spreadsheet group.
Menu item Description
Copy Copies the current spreadsheet selection to the Windows clipboard. This can be pasted to other spreadsheet cells or rows or to external programs.
Paste Pastes the Windows clipboard contents to the spreadsheet.
Cut Copies and deletes the current spreadsheet selection to the Windows clipboard.
Fill column Copies the current cell value to all cells in the column.
Fill selection Selects elements with the same data as to the marked block. This command will select and add elements to the spreadsheet if they are not currently selected.
Find and select Filter by cursor position.
Cell calculator Opens the cell calculator, which is used to perform mathematical operations on the current cell value or to evaluate a new value.
Delete Selected Selects all model objects which have the same column data as the selection. All non-matching items are removed from the selection.
Clear All Deletes the data from the selected cell or row.