STAAD.Pro Physical Modeler Help

To draw a reference line

To add a reference line used to apply line loads to a surface, use the following procedure.

Reference lines can be used to control the meshing of a linear portion of a surface as well as to apply line loads to a surface.
  1. On the Model ribbon tab, select the Reference Line tool in the Create group.

    The tool is highlighted to indicate that it is active. The mouse pointer changes to an add surface cursor, , and a blue symbol "snaps" to the nearest snap point.
  2. Click the start point for the reference line.
  3. Click the end point for the reference line.
  4. (Optional) Continue clicking points to draw connected reference lines.
  5. To stop drawing reference lines, either:

    select the Reference Line tool (or any other tool)


    press <Esc>

Nodes are created to define the reference line.
You can add line loads to reference lines.

You can review reference lines by selecting the Reference line tool in the Non-Structural group on the Spreadsheet ribbon tab.

Alternatively, you can add reference lines by assigning nodes manually in the Reference Line spreadsheet.

Note: The Reference Line spreadsheet can be used to modify the Mesh size used for reference lines, as well.