STAAD.Pro Physical Modeler Help


Parameters for model objects are displayed in tabular format on the Spreadsheet tab.

Select the currently displayed spreadsheet by selecting the corresponding tool on the Spreadsheet ribbon tab. Only one spreadsheet may be displayed at one time.

Selected items are highlighted in blue with unselected model objects in light gray.

Tip: If Hide unselected is on in the view area, unselected objects are also hidden in the spreadsheet.

Copy & Paste from External Spreadsheets Programs

You can easily copy and paste content into one of the worksheets from a external spreadsheet program. This way, you can calculate relative values or other logic to the worksheet cells using a familiar spreadsheet. Just select the top, right-most cell for the array you want to paste from a spreadsheet. Then, right-click and select Paste from the pop-up menu. The resulting values from your spreadsheet are used.

Sorting Spreadsheets

You can sort spreadsheet rows by any column value either ascending or descending by clicking the sort arrow on the right-hand side of the column label, visible when the mouse pointer hovers over the label. Click again to reverse the sort order by that column.

Select Columns or Entire Spreadsheets

Click the column heading label to select the entire column. Click the first column heading label (typically the element numbers) to select the entire table.

Deleting Values

You can delete a cell value or the values of multiple selected cells by right-clicking and selecting Delete from the pop-up menu (or by pressing <Delete>).

If a cell is required to have a value (for example, a node coordinate value), then the program will try to populate with a valid entry (such as zero). However, you may get a warning message in the cell informing you of an invalid entry.