STAAD.Pro Physical Modeler Help

To manually add nodes

To add nodes to your model, use the following procedure.

Physical nodes are typically added by drawing members or surfaces or making edits to those object types. However, you use the following procedure to manually add nodes.

  1. Select the Nodes tool in the Nodes group one the Spreadsheet ribbon tab.
  2. Type the global coordinates for the new node in the first blank row. The current length units are displayed in the column headings.
    • You can manually type different units and the value will automatically be converted into the current units once you have finished entering the value.
    • You can copy & paste multiple values from external spreadsheet programs into the worksheet.
    • Press <Tab> to move to the next cell in the row or press <Enter> to move to the next row.
    A new node number is automatically assigned to the row when you begin typing coordinate values.