STAAD.Pro Physical Modeler Help

To generate nodes in an arc

To add a circular arc of evenly spaced nodes, use the following procedure.

  1. Select a group of three nodes in the model.
    • The first node you select is the center of the circle.
    • The second node selected creates a vector with the first node perpendicular to the circle (i.e., the axis of the arc).
    • The third node is the starting point of the arc and thus determines the radius of the arc.

    The new nodes will lie in the plane of nodes 1-3 and perpendicular to nodes 1-2.

    Tip: In order to form two planes, the three selected nodes cannot lie on a single line.
  2. Select the Circular Generation tool in the Edit group on the Nodal ribbon tab.

    The Node circular generation dialog opens.
  3. Type the Number of nodes and Total arc angle (in degrees) in the parameter fields.
  4. Click OK. The dialog closes and the nodes are generated along the specified arc.