STAAD.Pro Physical Modeler Help

To rotate a member to align to a model object

To rotate a member such that its local axis align to a node or is parallel to a pair of nodes, use the following procedure.

Sometimes, it is more appropriate to specify the rotation of a member about its longitudinal axis by referencing existing nodes elsewhere in the structure.
  1. Select one or more members and nodes based on the reference method to use:
    Select… To point either the local y or z axis of the members…
    one node toward that node
    two nodes parallel to a line formed by those two nodes
  2. On the Member ribbon tab, select the Local Axis tool in the Edit group.

  3. Select one of the rotation reference methods from the drop-down list.

    Local axis y pointing to a selected node


    Local axis y parallel to two selected nodes


    Local axis z pointing to a selected node


    Local axis z parallel to two selected nodes

The members are oriented as indicated.
Note: This method will calculate a rotation (beta) angle for each member according to the selected reference. These will typically be different for each member selected.