STAAD.Pro Physical Modeler Help

To add a coordinate system

To add a new coordinate system to the model, use the following procedure.

STAAD.Pro allows you to use multiple coordinate systems, or UCS, within the same model. An initial UCS is created by default in each model. By default, this UCS will be set at the global origin with no rotation. In other words, mapped directly to the Global Coordinate System, or WCS. Any of the coordinate systems may be translated or rotated with respect to the WCS.
  1. On the Model ribbon tab, select the UCS tool in the Create group.

    The Create UCS dialog opens.
  2. Select the Alignment method.
    Option Description
    World coordinate system You explicitly specify the rotation angle about each of the original axis.
    Three points You specify two points along the new x-axis and y-axis, in a addition to the new origin, to define the coordinate rotation.
  3. Type the Origin point coordinates in the global coordinate system.
  4. Depending on the Alignment method method selected, either:

    specify angles around any of the global axis


    specify the coordinates of a point through which the rotated X axis and Y axis pass through

    Tip: Any of the values here can be left zero, which represents alignment with the global axis.
  5. Click OK A new UCS is added to the UCS spreadsheet.
Tip: Click the UCS tool on the View ribbon tab to turn on or turn off the display of coordinate systems.

You can control which coordinate systems are by selecting the UCS tool in the Reference group on the Spreadsheet ribbon tab.