STAAD.Pro Physical Modeler Help

To assign fixed or pinned support conditions to nodes

To assign nodal supports as either fixed or pinned, use the following procedure.

STAAD.Pro Physical Modeler includes predefined boundary conditions for fixed and pinned nodal supports.
  • Fixed supports are restrained in all six degrees of freedom (TX, TY, TZ, RX, RY, and RZ)
  • Pinned supports are restrained against translation (TX, TY, and TZ) but free to rotate (i.e., released in RX, RY, and RZ)
  1. Select the nodes which will all have the same support condition.
  2. On the Nodal ribbon tab in the Supports group, select one of the following tools according to which predefined support condition you want to use:

    the Fixed tool


    the Pinned tool

The supports are assigned the restraints

Restraints can be reviewed and edited by selecting the Supports tool in the Nodes group on the Spreadsheet ribbon tab.