STAAD.Pro Physical Modeler Help

STAAD.Pro Model Data

STAAD.Pro Physical Modeler can create analytical model data and transfer this to STAAD.Pro for additional loading, analysis, and design. Any section selections made from design can be updated in the physical model in STAAD.Pro Physical Modeler.

Analytical Member Design

Since STAAD.Pro performs member design on analytical members, there are some important items to consider when utilizing these design results in a physical model.

Since a physical member can be composed of more than one analytical member, it is not uncommon for the design process to give different profile selections for those component analytical members. When re-importing, you will only be able to select a single profile from those component analytical members to use for the physical member if you update the section. It is best practice to use the FIXED GROUP command in STAAD.Pro when assigning design commands so that all the analytical members will contain the same profile for that group. You can assign a fixed group from the Design Commands dialog.