STAAD.Pro Physical Modeler Help

Backstage view

The Backstage view is where you can manage your STAAD.Pro models and related data about them —create, save, import, and export models, set options for units and coordinate systems, and more.

The Backstage view opens when you click the File ribbon tab.

To exit the Backstage view, click the back arrow at the top of the menu.

Table 1. Backstage view menu
Entry Description Shortcut
Info Displays statistics for the physical model and file information.
Create analysis model Send the analytical model data to the current STAAD.Pro model file.
Save Saves any changes made to the current model and closes the backstage view. <Ctrl+S>
ISM Used to synchronize model data with an Integrated Structural Modeling repository.
Options Opens the Configuration dialog, which is used to set units, analysis model options, and model display controls.
Exit Closes the STAAD.Pro Physical Modeler program.