STAAD.Pro Physical Modeler Help

To switch the ends of a member

To switch the start and end nodes of a member, use the following procedure.

Members end nodes are assigned in the order in which the member was drawn, with Node A (i.e., the "i" end) at the first node of the member and Node B (i.e., the "j" end) at the last node of the member.
Note: The default rotation of a beam is not changed (i.e., local y parallel to the global Y axis in most circumstances). The local x and z axes will point in the opposite directions. If a beam has a rotation angle assigned, that value is not changed. Therefore, the beam will be rotated by the same angle but the local y and z axes now point in different directions than before.
  1. Select the beams for which you want to switch ends.
  2. On the Member ribbon tab, select the Exchange Connectivity tool in the Edit group.

The member incidences are swapped between Node A and Node B.
You can edit member incidences by selecting the Members tool in the Members group on the Spreadsheet ribbon tab.