STAAD.Pro Help

User Provided Table dialog

Used for adding and assigning previously created user table sections to the structure.

Note: The Properties - Whole Structure dialog also opens simultaneously so that some of the other options available from that dialog box may be utilized.

Opens when the Beam Specifications > User Table Profile tool is selected in the Specifications group on the Specification ribbon tab.

Select Existing Table

Select a previously created User Table number from the drop down list.

User Tables are created using the User Table Manager dialog .

Section List

Select the specific section from the list.


Check this box and select the material from the drop down list if the new member property tag should include the material constants.


Click to add this property to the structure.


Click to assign the property to selected members as well as add this property to the structure.


Closes the dialog without adding any properties.


Opens the STAAD.Pro Help window.