STAAD.Pro Help

Select Nodes dialog

Used to select one or more nodes from a list of all nodes in the model. A free list of node numbers may also be specified.

list of nodes Select the desired nodes by clicking on their number in the displayed list. To select sequential nodes, either click and hold the mouse button while dragging over the numbers or hold the SHIFT To select non-sequential nodes, hold down <Ctrl >while clicking. 
Selection Type To select nodes by numbers in the list, select the Select from list by cursor option. To select nodes with a typed list of node numbers, click the Select using typed list option then click Select Listed Entities .
Select Listed Entities Click to select nodes listed in the Enter list box.
Enter list

Specify node numbers for selection. You may use to to represent a range of sequential node numbers. Separate values by either spaces or commas.

Tip: Clicking in this box selects the Select using types list option for Selection Type automatically.
Note: Similar features exist for selecting by lists of beams, plates, solids, surfaces, and geometry.

Opens when the Nodes >  Node List tool is selected in the Selection group on the Geometry ribbon tab.