STAAD.Pro Help

Select Meshing Parameters dialog

Used to name and specify parameters for a quadrilateral plate super-element.

Opens when a quadrilateral meshing is selected.

Model Name Specify an optional, user-defined name for the quadrilateral super-element.

The X, Y, and Z coordinates of each corner (the selected nodes) are labeled A through D.

Length, Bias & Division

For each side connecting two Corners, the straight line distance is provided. You may also edit the Bias and Divn. values for each side to control the meshing.

  • Div. — Number of elements will be created between the current node represented by the current row and that of the previous row (division).
  • Bias — Used to control the variation in division length along the edge. Represents the ratio of length of the last element to the first element along a side. That is, the last element will be (bias value) times the length of the first element. A value of unity (1) results in equal divisions along a side.
Element Type Select either a Triangle or Quadrilateral element for the finite elements which compose the super-element mesh.
Apply Closes the dialog and generates a quadrilateral mesh with the specified parameters.
Cancel Closes the dialog without creating a quadrilateral mesh.