STAAD.Pro Help

Reference Point dialog

Used to specify a reference point for the members from which the program calculates the beta angle.

Opens when the Beam Specifications > Beam Reference Point tool is selected from the Specifications group on the Specification ribbon tab.

Point Provide the global coordinates of the point towards which the minor axis (local y axis) of the member should be directed. The point should not lie on the longitudinal axis (local x axis) of the member.
Vector A vector can be assigned with respect to the local coordinate system of the member. The local Y axis for the member is going to oriented along this vector.

This can be used to orient a member without the need to calculate a beta angle. For example, vector values of X = 0, Y = 2, and Z = 1 will create a vector at a slope of 1:2 from the member's axis. The resulting beta angle = tan-1(1/2) = 26.5651°.

Refer to AD.2006.1.6 Specification of Member Orientation Using Reference Vector section for additional information on this feature.

Note: The Member Query dialog Geometry tab will report the actual beta angle used.
Node An existing node in the structure can be set as the reference point for one or more members. This is the alternative to defining the coordinates of the reference point. When this button is turned on, the list of all nodes in the structure will appear in the drop-down list. Select the desired node number.
Assign Select the scope of members which the geometric constant is to be assigned.
  • To View assigns the geometric constant to all members within the current view.
  • To Selection assigns the geometric constant to only those members selected.