STAAD.Pro Help

Property: Tapered I dialog

Used to specify an I-section having a varying depth over the length of the member.

Opens when the Beam Profiles > Tapered Profile tool is selected in the Specifications group on the Specification ribbon tab.

Note: This dialog is identical to the Tapered I tab of the Property dialog.
F1 Depth of section at start node.
F2 Thickness of web.
F3 Depth of section at end node.
Note: F3 should be less than F1 (i.e., the section should decrease in depth from start to end). You must provide the member incidences accordingly.
F4 Width of top flange.
F5 Thickness of top flange.
F6 Width of bottom flange. Defaults to F4 is zero.
F7 Thickness of bottom flange. Defaults to F5 if zero.