STAAD.Pro Help

Plate Reference Point dialog

Used to specify options for determining the general direction of the local Z axis of elements.

Opens when the Plate Specifications > Plate Reference Point tool is selected from the Specifications group on the Specification ribbon tab.

Point Type the global coordinates of a point to use for orienting the local z axis of the plate elements.
Note: The local coordinate system of the plate must still obey that the xy plane lie in the plane of the element itself. So the z axis won't necessarily point directly to this coordinate. Rather, the z axis will point away from the element to the side that the reference point is located.
Local Z Axis Select an option to define the direction of the local z axis of the plate element with reference to the Point provided.
Assign Select the scope of plates which the geometric constant is to be assigned:
  • To View – assigns the plate reference point to all plate elements within the current view.
  • To Selection – assigns the plate reference point to only those plate elements selected.