STAAD.Pro Help

Plate ElementProperty dialog

Used to provide plate element properties (thickness) with or without the material specification. Plates can have a different thickness at each node.

Opens when:
  • the Plate Thickness tool is selected from the Plate Profiles group on the Specification ribbon tab, or

  • Thickness is clicked on the Properties - Whole Structure dialog
Node 1, Node 2, etc. Enter the thickness at each of the nodes.  For plates of uniform thickness, entering the thickness at Node 1 only will suffice.  The other three values will default to that of Node 1 if no input is provided for them.
Material Check this box and select the material from the drop down list if the new element property tag should include the material constants. The specification of the standard materials (that is, Concrete, Steel, or Aluminum) can be added in this dialog box or can be done separately with other material specifications.