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Overlapping Plates dialog

Used to determine if two or more plates have intersecting boundaries not attached at nodes or otherwise overlap in the same plane.

An overlapping plate is defined as a plate whose nodes intersect other plates at points other than the defined nodes. This entails plates whose boundaries with adjacent plates are not attached at the nodes or plates within other plates (in the same plane). However, if two elements are such that the plane of one element is at an inclination to the plane of the other, and none of the nodes of one element lie on the plane of the other, those cannot be detected.

Examples of overlapping plates

Tip: Typically, a more refined meshing of the overlapping elements is required to eliminate the above problem.
Overlapped Entities list A list overlapping plate pairs is displayed. Select one to highlight in the active view window by the selected option.
Highlight options

The first option (Highlight-Both) will highlight both of the plates listed while the last two options will highlight each individual plate separately.