STAAD.Pro Help

Node Displacement dialog

Used to create a Joint Displacement report for the selected node(s).

Opens when the Report >  Joint Displacement tool is selected in the Reports group on the Results ribbon tab.

Sorting tab

Sort By Properties Select the criteria by which the selected beams will be sorted in the generated table.
Absolute Values Select this option to sort by absolute value of the selected property.
Set Sorting Order Select the order by which the selected property is to sorted.

Loading tab

Used to select the load cases to be considered in the sorted report.

Available List

List of available load cases in the model which will not be included in the generated table.

List Operators
Click this button… to…
> Add the selected load case to the Selected list
>> Add all load cases to the Selected list.
<< Remove all entries in the Selected list, load combination is placed in the Discarded Load Combinations list.
< Remove the selected entry from the Selected list.
Selected list

List of loads for which the nodal displacement results will be included in the generated report.

Report tab

Title Enter a title for the generated table.
Save Report Select this option to save the properties of the generated table