STAAD.Pro Help

GS. STAAD.Pro License Configuration dialog

Used to manage license options for STAAD.Pro.

Opens when you select License from the Start page menu.

Product Type Select the primary license to use for the application here.
  • STAAD.Pro – using this license you will have access to the primary features and capabilities available in STAAD.Pro, including all design codes
  • STAAD.Pro Advanced – The extends the basic STAAD.Pro application with additional capabilities such as an eigen-based advanced buckling analysis, geometric non-linear analysis, and other advanced analysis methods, a faster analysis solver, and access to advanced concrete design using RCDC.
Primary Licenses This displays the status of each license type associated with your account.
Additional License Select additional licenses to use:
  • Structural SELECT Entitlements
  • STAAD.Beava (Bridge Codes)
  • RAM Connection
  • Nuclear Design Codes
Product Activation Wizard Opens the CONNECT License Client Activation window, which is used to activate or to reserve a license.
License Management Tool Opens the Bentley Licensing Tool window, which is used to manage your current license entitlements, managed reserved licenses, and review the status of product licenses available to you.
Help with license selection Click to open the latest details on license selection information on Bentley Communities.
Accept Save the changes to the license configuration and close the dialog.
Exit Close the dialog without saving any changes to the license configuration.