STAAD.Pro Help

Isotropic Material dialog

Used to add a new isotropic material and properties to the STAAD.Pro input file.

Note: Steel, Concrete, Stainless Steel, and Aluminum are default materials in the program and are always included.
Title Enter a unique name to use for a new material. The drop-down list provides the predefined materials available in STAAD.Pro.
Material Properties

Define each of the material properties:

  • Young's Modulus (E)
  • Poisson's Raio (nu)
  • Density
  • Thermal Coeff (a)
  • Critical Damping
  • Shear Modulus (G)
Type of Material Select a predefined material type for associating Design Properties with the material. If one of the predefined materials is not appropriate, select Not Specified and no Design Properties will be assigned.
Yield Stress (Fy) (Steel only)
Tensile Strength (Fu) (Steel only)
Yield Strength Ratio (Ry) (Steel only)
Tensile Strength Ratio (Rt) (Steel only)
Compressive strength (Fcu) (Concrete only)