STAAD.Pro Help

Insert Nodes into Beam # dialog

Used to insert one or more nodes at specified distances along selected members.

Opens when the Insert Node tool is selected in the Structure group on the Geometry ribbon tab.

One or more beams must be selected for this tool be active.

Beam Length

Lists the distance from node A to node B along the beam to be split.

New Insertion Point

Provide the Distance from the start node (as shown in the associated graphics) of the member in current length units. Alternatively, provide the Proportion of the total length of the member to position the new node. Click Add New Point to add the node.

Add New Point

Adds the node indicated by the Distance or Proportion value.

Add Mid Point

Splits the member into two equal segments.

Add n Points

To divide the beam in a number of equal segments, provide the number of intermediate points in the n =  field and click Add n Points.

Note: This value should be an integer.
Insertion Points

A list of the locations of the newly created points is displayed here, shown as the distance from the start node of the member.


Accept the added nodes and closed the dialog.


Close the dialog without adding nodes.


Opens the Help window.


To remove a node from the list of inserted nodes, highlight the desired node and click on this button.