STAAD.Pro Help

Insert Node / Nodes dialog

Used to insert node(s) into multiple members simultaneously following the same prescribed method.

Opens when the Insert Node tool is selected in the Beam group on the Geometry ribbon tab (with multiple beams already selected).

New point by distance

Specify the distance in current length units at which the beam is to be split. The value for the distance is entered in the Distance edit box and is measured from the start node of the beam.

New point by proportion

This option allows the users to specify the distance in terms of a ratio. For example, to split a beam at the midpoint, enter 0.5 as the proportion. To split the beam at quarter points, use a proportion value of 0.25.

Add mid point

Splits the beams at their midpoints.

Add 'n' points

To split a beam by inserting n number of points, use this option. The beams are split up into n + 1 segments.


Accept the added nodes and closed the dialog.


Close the dialog without adding nodes.


Opens the Help window.