STAAD.Pro Help

Imported Grid dialog

The data will be imported in the plane in which it was defined in the original DXF. However, if required this can be rotated about any of the global axes. Also, the origin of the grid can be located at any 3D coordinate.

The DXF grid is used just as a manually generated grid. Nodes can be created at the ends and intersections of grid lines.

Note: Curved lines are not imported.
Angle of Plane Choose one of the three options (X-X, Y-Y, or Z-Z) and provide the angle of rotation (in degrees) of the grid plane about that axis.
Grid Origin

Provide the location of the origin of gridlines in global coordinate system in the current length units. One may do this by typing in the coordinates of the origin in the  windows provided for the purpose.

The grid origin is the (0,0) position on the grid in the grid coordinate system. Usually, the grid origin coincides with the structure origin.

Click the tool to change the location of the grid origin by graphically selecting a existing node.

Hide DXF text Select this option to toggle the display of grid labels if they start clashing with the rest of the model.