STAAD.Pro Help

Generated Spectrum dialog

Displays the generated IBC response spectra data in tabular and graphical format.

Note: No data may be modified in this dialog.

Opens when Generate Spectrum is clicked on the Spectrum Parameters dialog .

Spectra Table Displays period values with the associated Acceleration, Velocity, or Displacement values for the generated spectra. The table updates based on the Graph Type selection.
Graph Paper Type Select to display the response spectra period on a Linear or Logarithmic scale.
Draw Points Select this option to display point markers at each period, displacement/velocity/acceleration coordinate on the curve.
Show Peak Value Displays the peak displacement/velocity/acceleration in the generated spectrum curve.
Graph Type Select to display the period versus displacement, velocity, or acceleration on the graph and in the Spectra Table.
Close Closes the dialog and returns focus to the Create New Load Item dialog.