STAAD.Pro Help

Define Meshing Region dialog

Used to specify data such as the number of divisions along each side of the polygon, and whether any cutouts or holes are to be specified in the polygon.

Opens when a polygonal meshing is being defined.

Polygonal Plate tree

Entries in the tree represent the Boundary (polygonal surface edges) and the included Holes, if any.

Selecting the HOLES entry allows you to add holes or delete all holes either from the right-click pop-up menu or using the HOLES tools:

Table 1. HOLES tools in the Define Meshing Region dialog
Tool Description

Add New Hole

Adds a new hole for the current boundary region. Coordinates for the hole corners must be defined.

Delete All Holes

Deletes all holes currently added in the boundary region.

Each row in the table represents a corner node of the selected Boundary or Hole, along with the number of edge divisions and bias for the edge between the node on this row and the previous row.

  • X / Y / Z — Global coordinates of the Boundary or Hole corner.
  • Div. — Number of elements will be created between the current node represented by the current row and that of the previous row (division).
  • Bias — Used to control the variation in division length along the edge. Represents the ratio of length of the last element to the first element along a side. That is, the last element will be (bias value) times the length of the first element. A value of unity (1) results in equal divisions along a side.
Table 2. Table tools in the Define Meshing Region dialog
Tool Description

Add New Row

Adds a new row to the bottom of the table with default values.

Delete Row

Removes the currently selected row from the table.

Rename Hole

(When hole is selected) Used to provide a user-defined name for the hole.

Delete Hole

(When hole is selected) Removes the current selected hole from the polgyonal plate tree.
OK Generates a meshed surface with the specified parameters.
Cancel Closes the dialog without generating a meshed surface.
Reset Undoes any changes made to the dialog.