STAAD.Pro Help

Define Member Attributes dialog

Used to pre-define member attributes such as properties, materials, beta angles, or release specifications for member attribute sets. Members which are then added to the model will have these properties by default.

Opens when the Set New Member Attributes tool is selected from the Add Beam drop-down in the Beam group on the Geometry ribbon tab.

Select Template Contains a list of named templates, included user-defined templates created by clicking New.
New Click to create a new template. Type a name and click OK.
Save Save changes made to the currently selected template.
Rename Click to rename the currently selected template.
Delete Click to delete the currently selected template. You will be prompted to confirm this action.
Attributes group
Member Property

Select the Use Property option to predefine a Member profile. The Select Property: drop down list contains all the profiles currently being used in the STAAD.Pro command input file.

Beta Angle

Select the Use Beta Angle option to predefine a angle of rotation about the member's longitudinal axis. Options are available to use the Angle, the RAngle, or enter an Angle in Degrees.

Member Release

Select the Use Release at Start and/or Use Release at End options to predefine a member end release specification for either the start or end of the member(s). The Release at Start and Release at End drop-down lists contain all the member end releases currently being used at the respective member ends in the STAAD.Pro command input file.

Assign these attributes while creating new members

Select this option to ensure that these attributes will be assigned to any members which are created henceforth.