STAAD.Pro Help

Define Load Type dialog

Used to define load types for multiple primary load cases in a single dialog. The load type definition is required if you want the program to automatically generate load combinations from the defined primary loads. Load type and reducible options may be set or editing for primary load cases individually when they are created, as well.

Opens when the Primary Load Type tool is selected in the Load Generation group on the Loading ribbon tab.

Load The primary load case number.
Title The name of the primary load case.
Type Select the appropriate load type from the drop-down list in this cell. If the chosen load type is Live or Roof Live, the Reducible option is active.
Note: If the load type was defined at the time of defining the primary load, the type of the defined load (dead, live, wind etc. ) is shown here.
Reducible-IBC 2003 Check this option if you want the live load to be reduced as per the provisions in IBC 2003.