STAAD.Pro Help

Create New Definitions / Load Cases / Load Items dialog box

Used to define new Load Definitions, Primary Load Cases, individual Load Items, and Load Envelopes. The Create New Definitions / Load Cases / Load Items dialog box acts as a container for many load- related dialogs.

Opens when New… is clicked in the Load & Definitions dialog.

Create New Definitions dialog Seismic Parameters tab

This dialog contains the following tabs:

Definitions tab

This contains the options through which one creates the “Define” block of data required to create wind load cases, seismic load cases like IBC and UBC, moving load cases and time history load cases. The command syntax for such cases is explained in TR.31 荷重系の定義 .

Tab name Dialog Contained
Seismic             Seismic Parameters Seismic Parameters dialog          
Self Weight
Joint Weights
Member Weights
Element Weights
Floor Weights
Reference Load
Time History   Define Time History Define Time History dialog
Define Parameters Define Parameters dialog
Moving     Define Load Create New Moving Load Definition dialog    
File Input
Wind   Create Wind Type Definition dialog
Snow   Snow Type Definition dialog
Pushover         Define Input Add New Pushover dialog        
Define Loading Pattern
Define Spectrum Details
Define Hinge Property
Define Solution Control

Load Case tab

Used to generate new load cases (primary and load combination) as well as moving load generations.

Tab name Dialog Contained
Primary   Create Primary Load Case dialog
Moving   Load Generation Create New Load Generation dialog
Load Generation Type (Moving) Load Generation Type dialog
Combination   Define Combination Define Load Combinations dialog
Auto Load Combination Create Auto Load Combinations dialog

Load Items tab

Load Items contains the dialog boxes through which loading data can be added to load cases.

This tab contains the Create New Load Item dialog.

Load Envelopes tab

This tab contains the Add New Load Envelopes dialog.


Adds the specified load data to the model.


Closes the dialog without adding any load data.


Opens the STAAD.Pro Help window.