STAAD.Pro Help

Create AVI File dialog

Used to create a video file recording of for animated deflection, section displacement, mode shape, and plate stress contour diagrams.

Opens when the Create AVI File tool is selected in the Tools group on the Utilities ribbon tab.

Total No. of Frames

Sets the number of frames used for the entire animation in the AVI file. This value divided by the Frame Rate /sec is the total length of the animation, in seconds.

Frame Rate /sec

The number of frames displayed per second of animation. In other words, this is the speed at which the animation is displayed.

Animation Type

Select the analysis results to be animated from the available options:

  • Deflection — animates the deflected shape of the currently selected load case or combination.
  • Sectional Displacement — animates the local displacement of members.
  • Mode Shape — animates the deflection of the selected mode. Only active if the modes have been requested in the current STAAD input file.

  • Stress Contour — animates the selected Plate Stress Type or Solid Stress Type. Only active if Plates or Solid elements are included in the current STAADinput file.

Opens a Save As dialog, which is used to specify a location and file name for the AVI file. Click OK and


Closes the dialog without creating an AVI file.