STAAD.Pro Help

Floor Diaphragm Options dialog

Used to select a code by which the seismic code checks should be performed.

Opens when the Miscellaneous Commands > Floor Diaphragm Options tool is selected in the Analysis Data group on the Analysis and Design ribbon tab.

Design Code Select one of the following codes:
  • IS1893 2002
  • ASCE7 05/10/16
  • IS1893 2016
Check Soft Story Check this option to check for soft story (vertical irregularities) between two adjacent diaphragms.
Check Irregularities (inactive for IS1893 2002) Check this option to check for plan as described in TR.28.2.2 不規則性のチェック.
  • For IS1893 2016, this will check for torsion irregularities, reentrant corner irregularities, mass irregularities, and irregular modes of oscillation (when zone 4 or 5 have been selected in the static seismic definition).
  • For ASCE7 05/10/16, this will check for torsion irregularities, reentrant corners, and mass irregularities.
Base Level If the base level of the structure is not at the minimum global Y value of the entire model, then check this option and type the value in the current length units.
No of Diaphragms Displays the number of diaphragms in the model. This is field is for information only and cannot be edited from this dialog.