STAAD.Pro Help

Section View dialog

Used to create groups (physical members) for inclined members in a section.

Opens when Cut Section @grid or plane is selected from the right-click pop-up menu of a selected member in the view area.

A list of group at the current section selection is displayed on the left side tree.

ヒント: A list of all groups in the model can be viewed on the Drawing Groups tab of the Drawing Lists & Groups panel.

The view area of the dialog displays the members in the current section. You can manipulate this section view using the view controls to the right.

View Area Right-click Pop-up Menu

Create Group (available when you have selected members to place in a group type) For bottom chord, bracing, and inclined column group types, the group is created.

For top chord or portal group types, the Create Group for <group type> dialog opens to specify purlin parameters.

Show Node Number Toggles the display of node numbers in the dialog view area.
Show Member Number Toggles the display of member numbers in the dialog view area.
Show Member Property Toggles the display of member section sizes in the dialog view area.
Top chord - can include purlins
Bottom chord
Portal - can include purlins at a specified spacing
Inclined Column

Opens the Drawing Settings dialog, which is used to select the drawing scale, member extents drawn, and if the drawing is to generated immediately or saved to the drawing list.