STAAD.Pro Help

Analysis/Print Commands dialog (Pre Print)

Used to define the pre-analysis print commands to be included in the Input Command File. Commands are indicated by their respective tab.

Opens when:

  • The Pre Analysis Commands tool is selected from the Analysis Data group on the Analysis and Design ribbon tab, or
  • Define Commands is clicked on the Pre Analysis Print dialog

Problem Statistics tab

This command was previously used to include structure information such as total number of joints, members, supports, disk space requirements, the estimated band-width of the stiffness matrix, etc.

Note: This command has been deprecated and will be ignored by the engine during analysis.

Joint Coordinates tab

Used to add the joint coordinate values.

Member Information tab

Used to add member length, member incidences, beta angles, and member specifications such as truss member, and the member release conditions at start and end of the member (i.e., 1 = released, 0 = not released).

Material Properties tab

Used to add material properties for the members, including E (modulus of elasticity), G (shear modulus), weight density and coefficient of thermal expansion (alpha) for frame members.

Note: This command is available for members only.

Support Information tab

Used to add information regarding restraints, releases and spring constant values of the supports and the joint numbers where they are located.

All tab

Used to print joint coordinates, member information, member properties, material properties, and support information, in that order.

Element Information tab

Used to add element incidences, element thickness, and Poisson ratios for plate elements.

Solid Information tab

Used to add element incidences and Poisson ratios for solid elements.

Member Properties tab

Used to add member properties including cross sectional area, moments of inertia, and section moduli in both axes.

After current Select this option to add the pre analysis print statement being defined in the Command Tree after the currently selected (highlighted) command.

Assigns the selected print command to the input command file.


Used to assign the command to the current selection set.


Closes the dialog.


Opens the STAAD.Pro help window.