STAAD.Pro Help

Add New Define Starting Mass Load dialog

Used to explicitly define the starting load vector for use with Ritz vector analysis.

The direction selected will extract a single set of Ritz vectors. This is thus best suited when the structural response is predominant in one translation direction. If responses in multiple translational degrees of freedom are predominant, then it is recommended that the program generated starting load vector is used (i.e., do not define a starting mass load with the load dependent Ritz vector eigen solution method for this case).

For each direction selected, enter the number of vectors to generate in that direction.

Tip: The number of vectors should typically be between 10 and 35, inclusive. If this number of vectors fails to achieve 90% mass participation in the direction of interest, then it is recommended to use full Ritz vector or Eigen solution instead.
  • X Direction Only
  • Y Direction Only
  • Z Direction Only
  • X and Y Directions
  • Y and Z Directions
  • Z and X Directions