STAAD.Pro Help

2D Orthotropic Material Property dialog

Used to add a new orthotropic material and properties to the STAAD.Pro input file.

Refer to TR.26.1 材料の定義 for additional information.

Title Enter a unique name to use for a new material. The drop-down list provides the predefined materials available in STAAD.Pro.
Material Properties
Define each of the material properties for the local X and Y directions:
  • Young's Modulus (E) – modulus of elasticity
  • Thermal Coefficient (a)
The general properties are not orthotropic:
  • Density
  • Critical Damping
  • Poisson's Ratio (ν)
The Shear Modulus (G) property is defined as follows:
  • Gxy – in-plane shear
  • Gyz – shear transverse to the local yz plane
  • Gxz – shear transverse to the local xz plane