STAAD.Pro Help

Default Database Configuration dialog

Used to select the default country and section databases to use in the Section Profiles Table dialog.

Opens when the Configuration tool is selected on the Home tab in the Section Database Manager application.

When an existing STAAD.Pro model is opened, the program reads the contents of the file, and checks the validity of data in that file. One of those data items validated is names of sections assigned from steel tables. Since steel sections are country-specific, such as British, German, etc., the program needs to know the country or organization whose steel table is the underlying database for validating the sections being read in from the file. Normally, the input file contains the name of the database as part of the member property command. In the absence of an explicit name, STAAD.Pro uses a default. That default is set using this facility.

Section Profile Table tab

Default Country Select the default country to display when the Section Profiles Table dialog opens.
Tables Selection The materials are organized as tabs along the top of the table. For each material, the countries are listed along with the default catalog to use for each. Select the catalog from the drop-down list for each as needed.
Custom Profile Table

Used to associate a user-defined section table with STAAD.Pro.

STAAD.Pro profile table files are Microsoft Office Access® database files (file extension .mdb).


Select the profile category (typically material and/or country) with which the profile database is to be associated.


Type the name of the STAAD.Pro profile table file (file extension .mdb) to add or click […] to browse for a file.


Adds the selected custom profile table to the program.