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(Pushover) Beam Hinge Results table

Displays the cross section forces and moments at 1/12th points along the beam's length for the current load step.

Beam Hinge Results table

Select Load Step Use the arrow controls or type the number of the load step. The tabulated section forces & moments, base shear, and view window hinge display update automatically.

The table displays the overall beam status as well as the location and status of any hinges which have formed. Up to three hinges may be listed. The hinge location (Section) and Status are displayed in physical order, from start to end node, of their location along the beam.

The table contains the following columns:

  • Status - The material status of the beam for current load step. Linear indicates no hinges have formed in the beam. Nonlinear indicates that one or more hinges have formed. Inactive means that three hinges have formed or that one or hinges are beyond the collapse prevention (CP) limit.
  • Dir (Local) - the direction of bending for resulting in the formation of hinges.
  • Hinge Section & Status - The location along the length of the hinge and the acceptance criteria status. The location and status of hinges are displayed graphically on the structure in the view window.