STAAD.Pro Help

Stretch Member(s) dialog

Used to increase the length of a member in various ways.

Opens when the Stretch Members tool is selected in the Beams group on the Geometry ribbon tab.

Select member(s) Multiple members can be selected simultaneously for stretching. However, whether they will get stretched or not depends upon the type of method used in stretching as described later. If you wish to remove one or more members from the list, uncheck the corresponding boxes within the Select member(s) drop-down list.
Select options Select the method to use for stretching the selected members:
To a point Specify the coordinates in current length units of the point to which one of the ends of the member are to be moved. The point must lie on the axis of the member being stretched, or else, the stretching will not be performed. The program automatically determines which of the two ends of the member is to be moved. So, this method involves
  1. determining if the point lies on the axis of the member(s) being stretched
  2. determining which end to move for the member(s) which satisfy criteria (i)
  3. replacing the corresponding nodal coordinates with those of the desired point
Through a distance

Specify whether the start or end node will be stretched and the distance by which to stretch this end. In this method, all members selected for this operation will see the change in length.

You must create a node a resulting intersection point separately using the Intersect Beams tool.

To an existing node

This is very similar to the To a point method. The only difference is that instead of explicitly specifying the coordinates of the desired point, that point is already available for identification through its node number.

A list of all nodes in the model is available in the drop-down list. Alternately, click the Node selection tool to select a node graphically.

To an existing member

If two members lie within a plane, this method may be used to stretch the first member to meet the second member. The second member will be automatically split at the intersection point into two segments.

A list of all members in the model is available in the drop-down list. Alternately, click the Member selection tool to select a member graphically.

Details This button toggles the display of the detailed actions taken during the stretch operation.
Tip: If this button is disabled, then the selected stretch operation is invalid.