STAAD.Pro Help

Renumber dialog

Used to renumber selected entities starting with a specified number. The numbering sequence can be in an ascending or descending order and the order can be sorted by some criteria if needed.

Opens when one of the following tools is selected on the Geometry ribbon tab:
  • the Renumber Nodes tool in the Node group
  • the Renumber Beams tool in the Structure group
  • the Renumber Plates tool in the Plate group
  • the Renumber Solids tool in the Solid group
Start number from Specify the starting number of the renumbered entities. Depending on the New Numbering Order option selected, the new entity numbers will ascend or descend from this number.
New Numbering Order Select either an Ascending or Descending order to control the subsequent entity numbers.
Available Sort Criteria

Sort criteria can be used to control the order in which selected entities will be numbered once the procedure is complete.

List Operators
Click this button… to…
> Add the selected sort criteria to the Selected Sort Criteria list
>> Add all sort criteria to the Selected Sort Criteria list.
<< Remove all entries in the Selected Sort Criteria list.
< Remove the selected entry from the Selected Sort Criteria list.
Selected Sort Criteria

Items added to this list will be used as criteria for sorting the numbered items. The order of operations is that the entities are renumbered starting with the lowest criteria on the list. Once this is complete for a criteria, the next higher criteria in the list will be used.

Use the Move Up or Move Down buttons to change the order of the items in the list.

Note: You can change the numbering order (ascending or descending) of individual sort criteria by double-clicking its entry in this list.

Renumbers the selected model entities based on the specified parameters.

CAUTION: This operation cannot be undone.
Cancel Closes the dialog without renumbering any model entities.
Help Opens the STAAD.Pro help window.