STAAD.Pro Help

Mirror dialog

Used to copy or move the selected portions of the structure by "mirroring" about any plane parallel to one of the three global Cartesian coordinates.

Opens when the Mirror tool is selected in the Structure group on the Geometry ribbon tab.

Mirror Plane Choose one of the three global planes to mirror the selected geometry about.
Plane Position

Used to establish the mirror plane position relative to the selected geometry. Select or type a Node on Plane to use an existing node to define the mirror plane.

Alternately, type a distance from the global origin to the plane along the axis perpendicular to the selected Mirror Plane in the Plane at X/Y/Z field.

Mirror Member Orientation Select this option to consider the member orientation (Beta angle or member reference point) during mirroring. When this option is selected, the program will attempt to mirror the member orientation also, in addition to the member geometry.
Generate Mode The Copy option generates new structural elements. The Move option changes the coordinates of the selected structural elements.