STAAD.Pro Help

Check Connection Tags dialog

Used to check the load case results from the analysis against the defined connection capacities in the Connection Tags XML data file.

Opens when Connection Tags > Check Connection Tags is selected from the right-click pop-up menu when a member is selected.

The Check Connection Tags dialog

Select Load Case Types Select All load cases, only Primary Load Cases, or only Load Combinations to display in the list.
Select Load Cases Select one or more load cases from the list by setting the individual check boxes. You can set the Select All check box to select all displayed load cases (those filtered by the Select Load Case Types selection). To clear all load cases selections, set the Unselect All check box.
Check Checks analysis results at each member end with a connection tag assigned from the selected set of beam members against the connection capacities defined in the Connection Tag XML file. A table with the results of the check opens.
Close Closes the dialog.