STAAD.Pro Help

Assign Connection Tags dialog

Used to assign existing connection tags to member ends in the model.

Opens when Connection Tags > *any* Connection Tags is selected from the right-click pop-up menu when a member is selected.

The Assign Connection Tags dialog

Table 1. Dialog toolbar controls
Toolbar icon What It Does
New Opens the New Connection Tag dialog, which is used to define new connection tags and optionally assign member end restraints associated with a connection tag.
Delete Used to remove the selected connection tag entry from the table. A confirmation dialog opens to confirm you want to remove the entry.
Check (Disabled if no current analysis results are available for the current STAAD.Pro model) Opens the Check Connection Tags dialog, which is used to check the load case results from the analysis against the defined connection capacities in the Connection Tags XML data file.
table Each row in the table is a separate connection tag added to the model from the Connection Tags XML file.
Assignment Methods

Select on of the following methods for assigning connection tags:

  • Assign to Selected Beams — Uses the current members selected in the main view window
  • Assign to View — Uses all members visible in the ain view window
  • Assign to Edit List — Uses the member numbers listed in the associated text field
    Tip: You can type a dash between two numbers to indicate all member numbers, inclusive.
Assign Assigns the currently selected connection tags in the table using the selected Assignment Method. The members assigned area added to the Assigned Beams cell in the row.
Close Closes the dialog.