STAAD.Pro Help

3D Circular dialog

Used to make copies of portions of the structure at intervals along a circular path.

Opens when the Repeat > Circular tool is selected from the Structure group on the Geometry ribbon tab.

Axis of Rotation Select the global axis of rotation about which the selected components are repeated.
Through group

The reference point through which the axis for circular repeat operation passes.

Click the node selection tool and then click on a node in the view window to select a node in lieu of typing the node number.

Point Type the X Coordinate and Y Coordinate of a an arbitrary reference point (i.e., when you want to use a axis of rotation that does not pass through an existing node).
Use this as Reference Point for Beta angle generation The reference point used for the circular repeat will also be used as the reference point for the beta angle for each member. This allows you to orient all the members towards the central axis of rotation.
Total Angle Type he total sweep angle of rotation between the original structure and the last copied structure.
No of Steps Type the number of copies you want to generate over the specified angle.
Geometry Only 形状データのみがコピーされます。つまり、ノード、メンバー、および要素は生成されますが、プロパティ、荷重などは新しいオブジェクトに割り当てられません。
ステップ間結合 繰り返し方向の各ステップの間に新しいメンバーを生成するようにプログラムに指示します。
オープンベース このオプションは、構造物の基礎(つまり、選択範囲の最下位ノード)でリンクメンバーを生成しないように、プログラムに指示します。