STAAD.Pro Help

D. Save Graphic dialog

Used to save a connection drawing to an external image file.

Opens when the Print to File tool is selected in the Connection Pad Drawing window.

File name

Specify a name for the image file.


Opens a Windows Save As dialog, which is used to specify a drive, directory, and file name for the image file.


Select one of the following common image file formats:

  • Windows Bitmap (BMP) - An uncompressed image file format. These are very common and readable by most image editing tools. Many word processing or spreadsheet programs can import these image files for re-use. These files can be very large for even relatively short reports (approximately 20x the size of a JPEG).
  • JPEG graphic (JPG) - A compressed image format commonly used for photographic images. These are also readable by a wide variety of programs, including web browsers, image editors, and office programs. JPEG is not recommended for line drawings or text due to the blurring that may result from its compression algorithm.

Specify a scale factor to be used with the image file.


Specify a width (in pixels) for the image file.


Specify a height (in pixels) for the image file.

Block aspect ratio

Selecting the is option will scale the height or width such that the aspect ratio of the original drawing is constant in the image file.


Create the image file with the selected options and close the Save Graphic dialog.


Close the dialog without saving an image file.