STAAD.Pro Help

To Associate a ProjectWiseプロジェクト with Your File

When you create a new file or open an existing file which is not associated with a project, use the following procedure to associate your file with a ProjectWiseプロジェクト.

Note: You must be signed in using the CONNECTION Client to associate a ProjectWiseプロジェクト with your file.
Tip: If you want to change the ProjectWiseプロジェクト associated with your file, use the same following procedure.
  1. On the File ribbon tab, select, Cloud Services > Associate Project
    The Assign Project dialog opens.
  2. (Optional) If you want to register a new project, do the following:
    1. Click Register Project.

      The Register a Project page opens in your browser.

      Note: Only users with Admin/Co-admin roles can register a project.
    2. Type or select the required items (marked with an asterisk, "*")
    3. Click Save. A list of registered projects within your organization opens. The newly created project is highlighted in green.

    See Register a ProjectWiseプロジェクト.

    Tip: Alternately, you can visit and select +New on the Recent Projects tile on your personal dashboard.
  3. Select the desired project from the list.
    Tip: Use the View controls and Search tool to locate your project. If your project is not in the list, you can add a project following the steps given in Register a ProjectWiseプロジェクト.
  4. Click Assign.