STAAD.Pro Help

I. File tab

Table 1. Controls on the File ribbon tab
Tool Name What it Does Shortcut

Creates a new STAAD入力ファイル. <Ctrl+N>

Opens an existing STAAD入力ファイル. <Ctrl+O>

Closes the current STAAD入力ファイル (current tab only).  

Saves any changes made to the current STAAD入力ファイル since the last save. These changes are highlighted with yellow bars in the text view. After saving, these changes are marked green. <Ctrl+S>

Save As
Opens a Save As dialog, which is used to save the current STAAD入力ファイル with a different name or in a different location.  

Print Preview
Opens a Print Preview window, which is used to review the print of the file.  

Opens a Print dialog, which is used to select a printer device and print out a copy of the file. <Ctrl+P>

Send in email
Creates a draft e-mail in your default e-mail client with the current STAAD入力ファイル attached. The file path to the input file is inserted in the body of the message.  

Opens the About dialog, which contains version and copyright information for the program.  

Exit Editor
Closes the STAAD.Proエディタ program. <Alt+F4>